Tzitzit with blue thread

A neutral space to study Torah, Mitzvot, and their meaning to Reform Jews

The Lord said to Moses as follows:  Speak to the Israelite people and instruct them to make for themselves fringes (tzitzit) on the corners of their garments throughout the ages; let them attach a cord of blue to the fringe at each corner. (Numbers 15: 37-38)

Reform perspective on the best books, CDs and websites

A Gift to the Living

The meaning of death in our lives, by Stuart Berman
Why Kashrut?

Is Reform Kosher? A Bluethread Discussion
Being Diferent / Being Holy

The real meaning of kadosh

The Soul of Judaism

A Reform Jew's perspective on Israel, by Stuart Berman
What is Work?

Explore the Sabbath by looking at the meaning of work

examines the common thread of Jewish knowledge, belief and practice that can be agreed upon and used to unify divisions in modern Jewish theology.

confronts the question of Jewish identity. Divisiveness among Orthodox , Conservative and Reform groups is more of a threat to Jewish survival than external anti-Semitism. Jewish identity and assimilation. Disagreement among Jews about who is and who is not a Jew. Jewish anti-Semitism

restores reform to Reform Judaism. Creates an ongoing commitment to keep Judaism alive through study and reinterpretation.

recommits to Torah as the touchstone of Jewish awareness. A renewal of the right of the individual to interpret Torah. The responsibility to confront Torah, to accept and reject the teachings through study and knowledge, not through inclination alone. The support of amateur Torah scholarship and continuing adult education on the language and history of the entire Written Law and Oral Law.

explores what mitzvot mean to a Reform Jew. Mitzvot as meditation. Observance redefined in a Reform context. Discovering the central core of practice.

is created and maintained by Rose Falanga and Cy Silver as a neutral space on the Internet to examine these themes as they relate to modern Jewish life. We welcome comments and contributions. We reserve the right to select and edit your comments and to make appropriate use of them in other parts of our pages, always, of course, with acknowledgement.

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